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Regent Instruments policies regarding distribution of our products

Our distributors have two important responsibilities. First, they must promote our products in their respective territories by their own means (Conferences, Web site, Mailing,...) and second, they must provide good after-sales service to end customers. Distributors must have a minimal knowledge about our products. Other products sold by distributors must have a minimal affinity with our products and should interest researchers working in the field of Forestry and Agriculture. Dealer discounts are offered as a remuneration to distributors who effectively promote our products and provide suitable after-sales service. We also favor companies that have their own internet web site with room for advertising our products. New distributors will be given a cumulative discount only after their second order of a complete system.

With regard to the above description of a distributor, and the fact that customers from any part of the world can purchase directly from us, we consider that importers are not distributors and thus are not entitled to dealer discounts. Only with Regent Instruments’ approval, will an importer be authorized to place an order at the list price at the request of a final user, but in that case importer's charges should be paid by the customer. Regent Instruments reserves the right to refuse any order placed by an importer for an end-user located in the distribution territory of one of Regent Instruments’ authorized distributors.

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