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WinCAM, NDVI, color analysis, measurement, CAM, color area meter  
Image Acquisition
Image Acquisition: scanners & cameras

WinCAM NDVI can acquire images directly from most optical scanners or cameras that have a TWAIN driver and can also analyse images from almost any digital camera stored in tiff or jpeg files.

For NDVI analysis a special camera which acquires images in the NIR and Visible parts of the spectrum is required. Below you will find the specifications of the camera that can be purchased with WinCAM NDVI as a complete system.

The applications of the NDVI camera are numerous. While it can be used with WinCAM to compute the NDVI index of a scene, a part of it or per object, it can excel at measuring the vegetation cover over soil or other background when color alone cannot be used. In some situations where the leaves or vegetation have colors close to or identical to their background, they can usually be distinguished in the NIR part of the spectrum where alive vegetation has a strong reflectance compared to other natural objects (soil, sand, rocks, water, ice, ...).


Regent NDVI Camera 12 MP Point&Shoot Camera

This compact point & shoot camera has a built-in lens. It can acquire images in jpeg format suitable for NDVI (blue) analyses in WinCAM NDVI. Its Red channel contains the NIR data while the blue one contains the visible data (the blue channel instead of red as in conventional older film based NDVI analyses). It weighs less than 200 grams.

Note 1: This camera cannot acquire conventional RGB color images. Images are acquired to a memory card then transferred to a computer for analysis with WinCAM NDVI

Portable Imaging & Calibration Kit (PICK)

1 Almost any model can be used. We do not sell or recommend digital cameras.

WinCAM, NDVI, color analysis, measurement, CAM, color area meter

WinCAM NDVI comes with an instruction manual with plenty of color illustrations, examples of applications and images for training. It also comes with prompt and competent technical support (exclusively by e-mail) by Regent Instruments personnel (the answering time is typically one hour when messages are received during North America eastern time business hours).

Sales related information

Prices in Canadian dollars, US dollars and Euro are available by contacting our Sales Department at (Potential distributors, see our policy regarding distribution). When WinCAM NDVI is ordered with another Regent Instruments software (WinDENDRO, WinRHIZO, WinRHIZO Tron, WinCELL, WinSCANOPY, WinFOLIA, WinSEEDLE) a 10% discount is offered on the less expensive software.