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Ordering information
Our Products
Regent Instruments Image Analysis Systems and technical support (by email) are available directly from us for our customers worldwide. Most products are available as software only or as turn-key systems. Consult our web site for product specifications for each product and to check the products and equipments that are currently available. Contact us by email to get the most recent prices in Canadian dollars, US dollars and Euro.
Prices & Quotes
For all information regarding pricing of our products, as well as to receive a quote, please contact our sales department. All requests are answered within 24 hours.
  • All prices are available in Canadian dollars, US dollars and Euro and are F.O.B.
  • Quebec City (Foreign taxes not included, no Canadian taxes on international sales).
  • Prices and specifications are subject to change at any time without notice.
  • Price reductions apply when buying more than one product.
  • It is possible to upgrade from an earlier software version to a more recent higher performance version at any time, simply by paying the difference in cost between the two versions.
Terms of payment
  • For customers qualifying for prepaid Terms of Payment (International sales - including the USA, private companies) please contact us to receive the required information to proceed with the payment.
  • For customers qualifying for Net 30 Days Terms of Payment (Most Canadian universities and research centers) please send us, by fax or mail, an Official Purchase Order with the shipping address, billing address, the required material, the total amount of the order, including transportation costs etc. We will process the order as soon as we receive the P.O.
  • Our standard shipping procedure is via UPS, FedEx or Purolator. Administration fees might be charged for other carriers or special delivery requests.
  • Shipping delays:
    • usually within 24 hours for most models
Regent Instruments politics regarding distribution of our products
Presently Regent Instruments has distributors in different regions around the world. To have more information, please click here
Technical support
Competent and prompt technical support is free and available exclusively by email.
Computers and operating systems
Regent's softwares are available for compatible PCs (Windows 7 to 10). Computers are not included.
Customers testimonials
At Regent Instruments we pay a particular attention to after sales service. Technical questions sent by email are most of the time answered the same day or within 24 hours when received late. Here are some quotes from owners of our products:

Wow! It is a long time ago that I experienced such an example of direct and immediate customer-service!......from Germany

It's great getting an instant extended support from you by e-mail.... from Germany

We have had very good results with the WinRHIZO system. The detail and ease of use far exceeds any other system we have used. This system is also continually being upgraded with new features. I enthusiastically recommend this system without equivocation...... from Florida, USA

I have had several researchers contact me in regards to WinRHIZO. I am sure that as publications are written, the number of users will sky rocket!... from Florida, USA

I`d like to thank you for offering such a good customer service. ......From Germany

...we will be very interested in purchasing the WinFOLIA to complement our WinRHIZO software package (which is very good!).....From Texas, USA.

Thank you, as always, for your prompt attention.....From Maine, USA

Thank you for your prompt reply......... From many, many customers.