RHIZO Tron, image analysis system to analyze minirhizotron images or manually measure scanned roots
Image Analysis for Plant Science
Regent Instruments Inc. since 1991




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Prices are available by contacting our Sales Department at sales@regentinstruments.com

WinRHIZO Tron is only sold as software (to work with other companies's hardware)

The best way to learn about the different WinRHIZO Tron versions available is to ask our sales dept for our latest interactive price list. With it, you can choose the software versions, get information about them and see the price updated as you choose items.

Our interactive price list also automatically calculates discounts if you buy more than one product (of the same or a different product family such as WinRHIZO, WinSEEDLE, WinDENDRO...) or if you already own WinRHIZO Tron license(s).

The price list can also give you the cost of updating (e.g. from WinRHIZO Tron 2012 to 2022) and/or upgrading (e.g. from WinRHIZO Tron Reg to MF) your current software version.

The following items are included in a WinRHIZO Tron software:

  • One of the two WinRHIZO Tron software versions.
  • XLRhizo Tron data post-processing and visualization companion software for Microsoft Excel (Excel not included)
  • Color Manuals (printed and pdf)
  • Prompt technical support (exclusively by email).