WinSEEDLE Analysis System for seeds and needles
Image Analysis for Plant Science
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seed, needle morphology, count  

Systems Specifications

WinSEEDLE scanner based systems  
STD4800 System
Max. Scan Area (cm) for document (or leaf) scanning
22x30 cm
Max. Scan Area (cm) for needle (or root) scanning
20x25 cm
Optical Resolution (dpi)
Warranty (Year)

Notes: STD stand for Standard and LA stand for Large Area

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WinSEEDLE Software  

Note: WinSEEDLE Regular or Pro software can be purchased separately.

Please note that when WinSEEDLE is ordered with another software produced by Regent Instruments (WinDENDRO, WinRHIZO, WinRHIZO Tron, WinSCANOPY, WinFOLIA, WinCELL, WinCAM) a 10% discount is offered on the less expensive software.

Software Upgrades are available at any time for the difference of cost between versions.

The following items are included in a system:

  • WinSEEDLE Regular or Pro Software
  • Color Manuals (User's manual, User's Scanners manual)
  • Material required for scanning needles, except computer, including:
    • Calibrated color optical scanner according to specifications above (the scanner can be used for general scanning applications like document or photo scanning).
    • Additional scanner lighting system (for a total of two) optimized for needles and seeds.
    • Seedle positioning system
    • Set of 3 tray (to scan seeds and/or needles)

Regent's needle positioning system is included in all WinSEEDLE systems. It simplifies and accelerates seed and needle scanning. This item is not sold separately.

Seed & Needle positioning system for STD optical scanners includes 3 trays

Additional trays can be purchased either separately, in a set of 3 or in larger quantities. Contact us for the available tray sizes.

The needles/seeds positioning system is identical to the root positioning system that come with WinRHIZO.

Scanners sold by Regent Instruments are tested and calibrated for greater precision. All of our scanners come with software programs, some for text recognition (OCR), others for image editing and general scanning. Scanners sold by Regent Instruments are tested for their image quality and calibrated to produce accurate measurements. These scanners have been tested on needles to eliminate the problem of shadowing. The needle positioning system has been designed specifically for the scanners we sell and may not work on other models.

Buy more than one system or buy WinSEEDLE with any other product made by Regent Instruments and get a discount.
Technical Support  

Competent and prompt technical support is available exclusively by email.

Computer Requirements  

Image analysis programs are extremely demanding on computer resources (more than a word processor for example), so it is a bad idea to use an old computer for this type of application. Most computers sold today have the minimal power. Although a minimum configuration can work, you will gain a lot in productivity by adding some little extras (faster processor, large screen, plenty of memory).