XLScanopy, a companion application to help visualize and analyse data produced by WinSCANOPY.
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XLSCANOPY is a companion software for data processing and visualization.

Data produced by WinSCANOPY is various and files can be quite large. XLScanopy is a utility program written in VBA (Visual Basic Application) for Microsoft Excel that allows you to reorganize and visualize data produced by WinSCANOPY. It can separate data into different sheets as a function of their type (radiation, gap fractions, percentage of radiation per hour, per day or per month; leaf angle distribution; sunfleck distribution...) for one or more analysed images.

You can choose to process data or to create graphics for one or more images from the data file (see picture on the right)

XLSCANOPY can average radiation measurements for user-selected periods of time (per week or month for example). It can display graphically different measurements for visualization or validation. Some examples are given below.

Gap Fraction per Elevation
For 1 image
For 4 images
Gap Fraction per sky region (also available per orientation and azimuth)
PPFD radiation's over and under the canopy for a day
Cumulative leaf area density