WinCELL is a system for wood cell analysis
Image Analysis for Plant Science
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cell analysis, wood cell, WinCELL, XLCell  



WinCELL uses the concept of analyzed region in order to reject incomplete cells. Cells touching the image boundary or located outside the analyzed region are not considered when computing average cell measurements (area, length and width). The color used to draw a cell indicates its classification: partially or completely outside or inside the analysed region, rejected by operator, debris, cell type (cell, vessel or parenchyma).

cell analysis, wood cell, WinCELL, XLCell

Measurements data are available interactively during the analysis and in text files that can be read by many software programs. These files are easily opened and visualized in spreadsheet style programs like Microsoft Excel. You can also click a cell to display its morphological measurements data. The cells distribution histogram, visible during the analysis or after in XLCell, also present a global view of the cell structure parameters. The cells distribution histogram displays the number of cells in function of area, length or width as well as the area in function of color.

cell analysis, wood cell, WinCELL, XLCell

Image edition allows to compensate for defects or poor contrast. Images can be edited with any color. It is easy to select a color present in the image and edit with it. A pen (to draw lines) and a lasso tool (to fill outlined regions) are provided for edition.

cell analysis, wood cell, WinCELL, XLCell cell analysis, wood cell, WinCELL, XLCell cell analysis, wood cell, WinCELL, XLCell  

Defects or regions you do not wish to be analysed can be excluded by outlining them with Exclusion Regions or by editing the image. Exclusion Regions can have any shape. They can be used in Ring Analysis to skip gaps or cracked areas on dried wood or broken cores.

cell analysis, wood cell, WinCELL, XLCell  

Cells can be grouped (like the four parts of this vessel) to be analysed as a single one.

cell analysis, wood cell, WinCELL, XLCell cell analysis, wood cell, WinCELL, XLCell  
Miscellaneous Features  
  • WinCELL can analyse grey levels or color images. It can use the color content to better classify the pixels into lumen and wall or quantify area in function of color.
  • Calibrations are easy to perform on targets sold by microscope manufacturers. Different target models are supported.
  • Debris (defects or non cells objects) can be automatically filtered out by morphological features (area, length, width, form, length to width ratio), color or by editing the images.
  • Original images acquired from WinCELL, analysed or not can be saved in standard tiff or bmp files for opening in other application programs. Images saved with their analysis (in the same file) are automatically reanalysed when reopened in WinCELL (useful to validate or modify a previously done analysis).
  • Batch processing is provided to analyse a series of images without operator supervision. This analysis mode works only for analyses that can be done automatically (non-interactively).
  • It is possible to store the analysis settings in configuration files for retrieving and reusing at a later time.
  • You can choose which data are saved.
  • WinCELL can also be used as a general area meter (to measure leaf area for example) or a morphology analyser for other objects by modifying its default settings.
  • Like all Regent's products, WinCELL is a stand-alone program with all the built-in necessary functionality. It does not require an additional complex image analysis program or user programming skills as in some other cell analysis programs