WinRHIZO is a complete plant root measurement and analysis systems for agricultural and forestry research.
Image Analysis for Plant Science
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XLRhizo is a utility program written in VBA (Visual Basic Application) for Microsoft Excel (not included) for visualization of data produced by WinRHIZO. It facilitates their analysis and provides easy graphic functions.
  • XLRhizo can separate measurements data into different sheets as a function of their type (global, color, fractal, link, axis, or developmental) for one or many images.
  • XLRhizo can merge the measurements data of a root system analyzed in more than one image (if the entire root system is too large or dense to fit on the scanner and must be analyzed in several pieces).
  • XLRhizo can display graphically different measurements for visualization or validation. It can, for example, plot root growth as a function of time for images acquired at different moments.
Root length, area, volume or number of tips per diameter class for different images.
Total root length, projected area, surface area, volume or average diameter for different images.
Total root length, projected area, surface area, volume and number of tips per color class.
Total link length, surface area, projected area as a function of link class, magnitude, order or altitude.
Link morphology data (number of links, total link length, total projected area, total surface area, average length, average projected area, average surface area or average diameter as a function of link developmental order.