WinRHIZO is a complete plant root measurement and analysis systems for agricultural and forestry research.
Image Analysis for Plant Science
Regent Instruments Inc. since 1991




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The WinRHIZO program is offered in 4 versions (Basic, Regular, Pro & Arabidopsis). The table below lists and explains the measurements and features offered by each one.

WinRHIZO Basic
WinRHIZO Arabidopsis

WinRHIZO Basic is a low cost entry level version. It produces only global measurements (average root diameter, total root length, area, volume and number of tips).


WinRHIZO Regular has all features of the Basic model plus root morphology measurement as a function of user definable diameter classes. A root (length, area, volume) distribution graphic is automatically generated and is visible above the image.


WinRHIZO Pro has all features of the Regular version plus link, topology, architecture and color analyses. The color analysis can produce root morphology as a function of color. It can also be used as a color area meter.


WinRHIZO Arabidopsis has all features of the Pro version plus the ability to separate and analyse separately individual objects such as seedlings and leaves. It can do multiple root analyses per analysed image or regions of it.


Note : It is possible to upgrade from a low to a high-end version at any time by paying the difference in cost between them.

Morphology Root Measurements
Global (for the whole image)
Total length
Average diameter
Total area
Number of tips, forks & crossings
Manual nodules counting (not automatic)
In function of root diameter (per diameter class)
Area, volume
Number of tips
In function of root color (see color analysis below)
Area, volume
Number of tips
Root Architecture with Fractals Measurements
Root architecture with fractals
Color Analysis
Color Analysis
Topology Measurements
Globally (for the whole image)
External path length    
Per link (individually)
Path length    
Structured connectivity    
Developmental Classification Measurements
Number of links (per order)    
Total length (per order)    
Total area (per order)    
Average link length (per order)    
Average link area (per order)    
Average diameter (per link)    
Link order (per link)    
WinRHIZO Arabidopsis Measurements
Differentiate, count and analyse separately non-touching seedlings, root systems or objects. Each object has its own measurements in addition to global measurements which encompass all the objects analysed in the image (or region of image).      
It can measure the object’s bounding box width and length which can translate into: 1) plant height and width when the image is a view of the seedling side or 2) leaf (or other object) length and width when seen from above.      
It can measure the object’s individual area without having to make individual selections (overlapping regions are not detected and touching leaves are analysed as a single object unless the image is edited).      
Measurements available per object
Number of tips, forks, crossing      
Link analysis (global average, total and individual link length, diameter, area, volume, tips, color).      
Topology and Developmental analysis (Axis, Main & Laterals number and length).      
Nodules per object (manual interactive count, not automatic)      
Seedlings (objects) counting      
Area per color class or group      
Note : These measurements are not available per object only for the image
Root distribution histogram data (length, area, volume, tips) in function of diameter      
Root morphology (length, area,...) per color      
Miscellaneous Features
User-defined regions of rectangular shape can either be selected for analysis or excluded from it
User-defined regions of circular and irregular shape can either be selected for analysis or excluded from it  
Image edition to remove artifacts or image defects. You can pick up and edit with any color present in an image or define your own.
Interactive or in batch (without operator supervision) analysis. Note: Not all analyses can be done in batch.
Pre-defined analysed regions. They allow to create with a single command, a specified number of equidistant regions at different vertical positions (soil depth) in an image. The size and distance between these analysed regions are specified by the operator
You can print and save to a file the images with or without their analysis marks over them.
Debris can be removed from the analysis in some circumstances. When they are not in contact with roots they can be filtered out based on their area (anything smaller than a specified area is treated as debris) or on their length/width ratio (debris tend to be round while roots are elongated).
Debris can also be filtered out based on their color.
WinRHIZO comes with prompt and competent technical support made by Regent’s personnel, not by subcontracted firms.
WinRHIZO comes with printed and pdf color manuals which are abundantly illustrated.